How do you program in a team?

That’s what I wanted to know. I’d been using git as a code backup, but all of my development experience had been solo. I couldn’t imagine how you’d coordinate writing code in a group. I wanted to give it a try, so in early August, I made this Facebook post:

Is anyone interested in working on a collaborative coding project together? This concept isn’t very mature, but I thought if people tossed some ideas around, maybe something would stick. Here, in order of “seriousness,” are a few ideas I’ve had to get the conversation going:

  1. Video game: Nothing specific, just a fun game.
  2. Machine learning bot: This could be for a large variety of things. Maybe learning to play an existing video game.
  3. Adventure game: This would probably be a combination of Excision (the game I made last year) and Rosalind [].
  4. Code battle: This could involves making a high level language that kids could use to learn programming… and fight each other.
  5. Beer tester: A cheap, portable device to test beer. Comes with a corresponding web app.
  6. Biometric app: Collects and analyzes biometric data of some kind. This could be simple (like reaction speeds) or complicated (saliva testing).

Does anyone have any projects they’ve been interested in trying? I’m open to any suggests beyond the half-thought-out ideas I’ve mentioned. The goals for this are pretty much just to practice coding with other people and making some sort of program that other people would be interested in using.

I’m only tagging the people who have specifically said they’re interested, but everyone should feel free to comment!