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I’m usually not a huge fan of television, but recently it has been convenient to watch an episode of something or other with my wife after dinner. I reason that it gives me a bit of time to digest and unwind before I start in on homework or whatever project I’m working on. Usually Laura chooses what we watch, since it doesn’t matter to me. But after reading this review of Black Mirror, I suggested we watch it.

Black Mirror is a British series that actually began airing in 2011. But as uncultured as I am, I hadn’t heard about it until it began streaming on Netflix. Each episode is completely independent of the others, though they’re very similar in theme and tone. Each episode covers some field of technology (ranging from currently available to fairly futuristic) crashing with the realistic intricacies of humanity. Most episodes focus on computer-centric scenarios, but Be Right Back covers a rather troublesome possibility of computational biology. I’m using the term broadly in this context, but it’s fitting.

I don’t want to give away any details, so I’ll end by echoing The Verge article: these shows are creepy, and definitely intended for a mature audiance. But they’re well worth the watch and deserve the award they won for Best TV Mini-Series.