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     One of the great things about graduate school is you get to constantly realize how ignorant you are about how things work. If the domain name weren’t already taken, I would think about moving my stuff over to seriously.dontusethiscode.com. It can get a bit depressing thinking about all the stuff there is to know. But if you think about it a bit more, it’s really just awesome how exciting our world is. I’m glad I’ve got this opportunity to learn and explore.

     Anyway, I found a question on reddit that reminded me of a post I did a while ago. One of the key points of ‘Simple Sequence Similarity’ was calculating a Pearson correlation matrix. While I realize that it isn’t exactly the same as the problem on the reddit link, the nested iteration made me realize that I should probably show some improved code that I currently use to calculate the correlation matrix. By “improved”, I mean ~500x faster.

Here’s a link to the notebook.

As a fun bonus (which I won’t dive into right now) there are at least four different examples of Ipython magic throughout the notebook. As always, I welcome any comments or suggestions!