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The Perceptron

less than 1 minute read

Today in lab meeting, during our bi-weekly “Idea Potluck”, I dropped the ball while explaining how perceptrons work. We were running short on time, so I rush...

Bioinformatics Software

1 minute read

This isn't a long post, but I read something interesting the other day and wanted to repost it. First, here's the link to the blog:  http://www.bioinf...

Excision Walkthrough

1 minute read

I take things too seriously sometimes. As far as I’m aware, I’ve always been like that. When I was a kid, I knew, deep down, that walkthroughs were bad. Mayb...

Excision Winner Announcement

less than 1 minute read

Congratulations to Ankur Sundara for being the first person to complete Excision! For his dedication and problem-solving abilities, he’s won the first place ...

Base Camp

3 minute read

Welcome to Excision. Before we set off on our adventure, I think it’s only fair to give you some provisions for your journey. They come mostly in the form o...

The Protein Folding Answer

4 minute read

I need to issue a disclaimer before anything else. The script below is most definitely NOT the answer to protein folding. In fact, I make no claims at all ab...


less than 1 minute read

Do you know the answer? Do you know the question?

The Protein Folding Problem

2 minute read

First, if you’ve never had the opportunity to visit xkcd, I highly suggest you do it. It’s a wonderful website. My personal favorite is the What If? feature....

Simple Sequence Similarity

7 minute read

I’ve mostly refrained from posting any of the code that I’ve been writing in the past months because the code seems scraped together in a “just get it done” ...

Syntax Highlighting

less than 1 minute read

I had to follow a few different explanations on how to employ syntax highlighting on Blogger before I found a set of instructions that worked. In case anyone...